Snooker ScoreBoard


A browser based application to keep score during a game of snooker. Build using the JavaScript framework Dojo and best suited for use on mobile devises.


Have you ever played a game of snooker and wanted to keep score in a more detailed way? Well it becomes a pain on paper. There are the big TV screen applications but the small mid range seems to be left out. This application should be able to fill in this middle section of the market. Not completely full in features but better than an analog system.


Using the Dojo toolkit and native JavaScript the application is sliced up into three sections. The data layer with classes for game, frame and player. The action layer with object that handle the coupling between data and controls on the screen. The view layer to display the data and input methods. Data and Action are written in JavaScript and the view in HTML5. Have a look at the source code to find out more.

Please note that the application is in public BETA 0.1 release.


Currently the only way to get a download is to do a git clone from the Github repository.


Currently the plugin has been tested for:


Can be found on the demo page.

Getting help

If you have any comments, suggestions, found any bugs or any a contribution please add them to the Github repository.