A small JavaScript library to show notifications on a website. Used best for error handling and system confirmations.


Showing a message is trivial. Showing it in a que and applying progressive enhancement is not that trivial.


A JavaScript object constructor that allows you to create a messenger object that can be coupled to any action you require.


Currently the only way to get a download is to do a git clone from the Github repository.


Currently the plugin has been tested for:


Use is very easy. Create an object using the constructor and use object.addMessage("message text", "statusCssClass") to add a message to the que. It will start looping the que after adding message. More detailed information about implementation can be found in the readme file in the Github repository.

Please notice this is a do it yourself kit. Basic animation and style are included but are free to your discretion.

Getting help

If you have any comments, suggestions, found any bugs or any a contribution please add them to the Github repository.